WELCOME! NEWS - A new essay  regarding the critical possibility that orgone has been weaponised in the form of an electro-oranur (negative orgone) device has been published (Directed Energy Weapons and an Aether/Orgone Field) on an alternative research site in the UK. This work builds on the study of Dr Judy Wood. With contributions and editing by Andrew Johnson - October 2016.

OTHER NEWS - I have some new evidence for the Orgone Continuum essay but that willl have to wait to be updated.

I'm hoping to concentrate on practical projects soon.









1. 'SPIRIT' means a physical consciousness. I also call this 'ORGONE' or 'LIFE-FORCE'

2. I believe 'Spirit' may morph into what Wilhelm Reich knew as 'ORGONE ENERGY'.

3. Orgone energy spirals and condenses into 'MATTER'.