WELCOME! Mid-August 2021

Just updating the welcome message. I realised we are not a 'proto-fascist' society as I had said previously. We are living in a fully fledged fascist dictatorship. Only in the UK at least it is still partly hidden, I'll call it covert fascism. The NAZIs used to kill off sections of society openly that they thought worthless (once they were established and entrenched). Our globalist dictators do the same but its diguised and sanitised as the 'emergency' so its acceptable to those who don't wish to see. Overt fascisn has never lasted a long time. Fascism, to bind into one, is when government, corporations and media are the same thing and this is where we are at, though to differing degrees in various couintries. I hope the whole of Britain wakes up soon. are the cracks beginning to appear? We have got months to prepare ourselves for turmoil is coming. 'The system' appears to be about to go 'all out' as the numbers waking up are now unstoppable. So get in touch with like minded people and prepare yourself, whatever you can do will make a difference. I always feel I'm not doing enough but we can only do our best.

There's a new major science paper coming out soon but in the meantime have written some little articles with a somewhat comedic slant, you gotta laugh....

The MAZI Party - The Medical Authoritarian Socialist Party WANTS YOU!

The Adventures of the All Seeing Eye, Parts 1 and Part 2 starring Sir Kier, psychic housewife, Maxine Headroom and a haunted homicidal mirror.

Also just uploaded is a new essay on the apparent parallels between the Book of Revelation, our current situation and the truth movement: Revelation and the Truth Movement (August 14th - a couple of updates in an addendum).

Please continue to share UKColumn, off-Guardian, Vernon Coleman and Andrew Johnson's site with whomever you can before the storm hits this autumn/winter, a further imposition of the two tier society, tracked digicash and much passing away from the barrage of poison comign soon, to be blamed on us and the scarients of course, so please make sure you are prepared...   

For up to date good quality news on the whole situation, have a look a


for more on the madness visit the excellent thrice weekly live UK news from:


- the only thing between many of us who can think and madness. Thanks UK Column, you are great.

Also have a look at this excellent article with many great and informative links about the current period of mass 'trauma-based mind control' and  'health-based communism' we are in -


See also Andrew's very useful erports and title piece of the site too whilst you are there.

Some recent papers:

A new paper, the first to look at Space-gun type devices since Reich has been published at JPOT journal


Recent paper at Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy about an orgone consciousness experimental device



My young adult science fiction novel can still be downloaded for free here...