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My key research question overall is, Does Orgone (the primal force) Have Consciousness? This is addressed in Orgone Continuum. The essay on Good and Evil is also related to the area of orgone and consciousness. OrgoneBioEconomics trys to explore how economics might work if an economy was based on natural energy functions. Directed Energy Weapon explores if an orgone-based weapon was used during the 9/11 events (this essay has lots of illustrations so I have just linked to the original posting at Andrew Johnson's site). The Y Factor essays outline what I think is the answer to Reich's conumdrum on the functioning of the orgone motor, Y Factor 2 has been recently updated (Nov 2017). ETs and the Lotus Sutra is an early essay of mine on the Lotus Sutra, ETs and multi-dimensions, its not directly related to my other work but I've kept it as I don't know of any other work in this area..