WELCOME! July 2020

Welcome to this site on orgonomy and science written for you from the nearly fascist country of England! Take a break from the madness of living in post-democratic, quasi-fascist, 'safety first' England, where we allow 10,000 elders to die in carehomes and then send them some PPE when the crisis is all but over. Soon we'll have to wear a space suit to go shopping, in case someone sneezes and we can all catch a cold and fall down. Or perhaps you are allowed to exist in another corner of this great and wise global empire - if so welcome and enjoy. Now we English know what it is like to live in a country nearly as completely free of common sense as the Scottish government fiefdom which used to be known as Scotland. And we are now allowed back into beautful Wales, which is wonderful, though good to be reminded how lovely the English countryside is. Perhaps England is also being punished for getting the anti-globalist ball rolling with Brexit. We do seem to be doing poorly compared to Europe where they are allowed, by their globalist masters, to have a little common sense it appears.

Anyway, for up to date good quality news on the whole situation, have a look at


for more on the madness visit the excellent thrice weekly live UK news from:


- the only thing between many of us who can think and madness. Thanks UK Column, you are great.

Also have a look at this excellent article with many great and informative links about the current period of mass 'trauma-based mind control' and  'health-based communism' we are in -


See also Andrew's very useful erports and title piece of the site too whilst you are there.

My latest essay on THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF COVID is here or look under the Essays tab.

Have a look too at a recent essay about Orgonomy and Virology - Here or under Essays.

A new paper, the first to look at Space-gun type devices since Reich has been published at JPOT journal


Recent paper at Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy about an orgone consciousness experimental device



My young adult science fiction novel can still be downloaded for free here...