WELCOME! October 2018.


A New Monthly Video on an Orgonomic theory of Good and Evil

 Orgone and Acupuncture Since the 1970s is awaiting publishing as is a new experimental paper on oranur.

An indepth paper in the groundbreaking orgone journal JPOT (Journal of Orgone Psychiatric Therapy) on a new orgonotic theory of 'being' (ontology) that develops previous theories and integrates traditional theories of being and consciousness was published last month. I've termed it ideo-physicalism and it is an evolution of the orgone continuum. It has a more indepth look at pan-psychism, materialism, idealism, quantum theories but also how they might relate. It examines how true AI might have existed in Biblical times and how the Bible appears to possibly share an ideo-physical perspective. JPOT Ideo-physical Paper on Consciousness


Coming Soon: Orgone Continuum TV Num 3: Good and Evil essay, an article on the history of orgone and acupuncture since the 1970s, further articles and practical work ongoing..


Other fairly recent papers and articles:


New article by Roberto Maglione is the most comprehensive review to date of the oranur reaction from Reich till the present day and presents new, key analysis of Reich's oranur experiment JPOT Oranur Article


My experimental paper on oranur published by Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy, the first experimental oranur paper since 1951.

Journal for Psychiatric Orgone Therapy.

An orgone consciousness prototype, the ORIN or ORgone INformation system. Video













1. Physical consciousness, what can be termed, ORGONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

2. ORGONE CONSCIOUSNESS segues into what Reich knew as ORGONE ENERGY.

3. Orgone energy condenses into ORGONE MATTER.