WELCOME! Happy New Year, Here's to an exciting and valuable 2018!

Starting off the year I am very pleased to announce that my main paper since my MSc has been published by The Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy. It is a two part article on orgone and consciousness. The first paper examines the main theories of consciousness and outlines exactly what Reich thought in this area. It is also a critique of orgonomic thinking on consciousness. The second paper continues to examine what the technological implications of orgone in artificial intelligence research might be.
















1. 'Spirit' means physical consciousness. I now use the term, 'ORGONE-CONSCIOUSNESS'

2. I believe 'ORGONE-CONSCIOUSNESS' may morph into what Wilhelm Reich knew as 'ORGONE-ENERGY'.

3. Orgone energy spirals and condenses into 'ORGONE-MATTER' (MATTER).